The WESTPA Papers:

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A Review of the WE Strategy:

  1. DM Zuckerman and LT Chong. “Weighted ensemble simulation: Review of methodology, applications, and software”. Annu. Rev. Biophys. 2017, 46: 43–57 (2017).

WESTPA Tutorials:

  1. AT Bogetti*, B Mostofian*, A Dickson*, AJ Pratt*, AS Saglam*, PO Harrison*, JL Adelman, M Dudek, PA Torrillo, AJ DeGrave, U Adhikari, MC Zwier, DM Zuckerman, and LT Chong. "A suite of tutorials for the WESTPA rare-events sampling software [Article v1.0]." Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science, 1: 10607 (2019) *equal authorship.
  2. AT Bogetti*, JMG Leung*, JD Russo*, S Zhang*, JP Thompson*, AS Saglam*, D Ray*, B Mostofian, A Dickson, AJ Pratt, PO Harrison, M Dudek, PA Torrillo, AJ DeGrave, U Adhikari, JR Faeder, I Andricioaei, JL Adelman, MC Zwier, DN LeBard, DM Zuckerman, and LT Chong. "A Suite of Tutorials for the WESTPA 2.0 Rare-Events Sampling Software [Article v2.0]." Living Journal of Computational Molecular Science (2023) *equal authorship.

Made with WESTPA:

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